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"In The Spirit of Abolition"

"In The Spirit of Abolition" - Jailhouse Lawyer Speak Calls for Shut 'Em Down Demonstrations

Join Portland's Shut 'Em Down Demonstration coalition as we commemorate the murder of political prisoner George Jackson on August 21st and rally around Jailhouse Lawyers Speak national membership's call to highlight prisoners' historical struggles and current political struggles in the spirit of Abolition.

Saturday, August 21, 2021

6:00 - 7:15 pm PST on Zoom

English captioning available


Learn more about the National Shut 'Em Down Demonstrations at

[Black background with white and grey text includes the same event description above:

In the middle to the right is a logo of Jailhouse Lawyers Speak: two arms crossed with chained wrists in the middle right side.

Sponsoring organizations: Critical Resistance Portland, Anakbayan PDX, Asians 4 Black Lives PDX, All African People’s Revolutionary Party Oregon, International League of Peoples’ Struggle, Hurriyyah Collective, Portland Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee, Red Machete


Jailhouse Lawyer Speak

Links to tag organizations:

All African People's Revolutionary Party Oregon

Anakbayan PDX

Asians 4 Black Lives PDX

Critical Resistance Portland

Hurriyyah Collective

International League of Peoples' Struggle Portland ILPS Portland

Portland Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee

Red Machete

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