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Why Red Militants:

  • RM to this point has only created one way for people to align with and support RM, that is by becoming Cadre and immediately being expected to follow all discipline and accountability of Cadre level engagement.

  • Not all who we have recruited or built relationship were/are have had sufficient experience and political development to successfully fulfill that role, thereby setting them up for failure.

  • Furthermore RM has not created internally the structure to help build Cadre into Cadre.

Who Are Red Militants?

  • Militants are those who have read and agree with RM Points of Unity

  • Militants are those that have read and agree with RM Strategy. 

  • Militants agree to attend Thirdlies.

  • Militants are those what are still developing politically as communists and revolutionaries.

  • Militants are those that can’t meet the expectations of being a Cadre in RM

  • Militants must not have been called out for abuse; unless the people harmed/survivor said that the abuser went through an accountability process and there was resolution. 

  • If engaged at the time in an accountability process there needs to be a discussion about it, and where they are at with it, and how we might support.

RM Militant Responsibilities:

  • Uphold the line and politics of Red Machete inside and outside of RM Mass Orgs.

  • Communication with RM Cadre: The point of why we ask for communication with militants is to mirror their commitment with our politics and work. This is in terms of communicating with Cadre if they can't make something, or need support or advice with something. 

  • Militants must check in with their Lead regularly: Cadre within Mass Orgs and other organizing work are assigned to build relationships with and support the political growth and development of Militants. This might just be casual check ins, side meetings, or signal chats with RM folks within a Mass Org to strategize the work within the Mass Org. 

  • Militants should try to attend monthly Militant Socials, set up by RM Militant Coordinators. This is for relationship building, to find out needs of RM, and to pick up RM reading materials. 

  • Support for RM: RM might on occasion need support for events or marches and ask Militants to support us or march with us.

  • Involvement in good standing: if involved with one of our Mass Orgs or Arm the Spirit

    • Good Standing is defined as regular attendance at meetings, and active participation in organizing that is happening.

    • Uphold the expectations of work and accountability of Mass Orgs or Study Group they are part of

  • Attend Red Machete Thirdlies:

    •  Militants must attend thrice a year Assemblies with RM Cadre

    • Purpose of Thirdlies: skill & training days, relationship building, check in

  • Militants will not attend RM meetings.


Optional for Militants

  • Paying Dues to RM Monthly (1 Hour’s wage)

  • Attending Study Group (space permitting)

Interested in becoming a Militant? Download and Fill out the application below. Email it to

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