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Tres Aves Oregon

Tres Aves is a militant communist, feminist, and anti-imperialist mass organization that focuses on the liberation of oppressed and exploited indigenous and latin american people in the United States and internationally (This includes folks identified as latinx, chicanx, afro-latinx, afro-boricua, indigenous, native, first nations, boricua...from here on out in this document we will use the term Latinx/Indigenous to encompass all of these identities). Our goal is to build a communist presence within latinx/indigenous communities, open to and inclusive of all working class Latinx/indigenous people; to combat national oppression  and imperialism with revolutionary theory and practice, and the lessons learned from our histories. The goal of our structure is to be effective in bringing this mission to reality.

Imperialism"Not underdeveloped, but overexploited!" - Michael Parenti

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Infinite economic growth on a finite planet; imperialism is when the monopoly stage of capitalism expands past its national borders, violently creating and establishing colonies through economic, political, and social control. It is what established white supremacy throughout most corners of the world through it's many forms of control and domination. Imperialism must be opposed in all forms it takes. Imperialism today is the division of economic influence throughout the world, lead by the ruling class (bourgeoisie) in the imperialist countries. This often is done through international trade, security and finance organizations, agreements and treaties, such as IMF, World Bank, Africom, NATO, CIA, United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), Jones Act/PROMESA, sanctions, capitalist media, endorsing coups, financing death squads, etc.. In Latin America (and other parts of the world) the United States has used many of these tactics, creating rampant poverty, displacement of peoples, refugee and immigration crisis, rise in cartels, femicide, etc... We recognize there are competing imperialist forces throughout the world and we must oppose imperialism wherever it rears its ugly face.


National Oppression

A nation is defined as "a historically constituted, stable community of people, formed on the basis of a common language, territory, economic life, and psychological make-up manifested in a common culture" and is subject to change with evolving material conditions. We define national oppression as the all encompassing power structure enforcing it's will over the many nations that exist in a territory, through genocide, erasure, blurring of class lines, or revision of history to favor the bourgeois state. Tres Aves seeks to develop autonomy of the many nations in the so called "United States" and correct the errors of reactionary nationalism (such as white nationalism, amongst others) through revolutionary nationalism.

Cultural vs. Revolutionary nationalism ("we don't just want diverse faces in high places")

We define cultural nationalism as a reaction to national oppression that favors putting "Diverse faces in high places," It seeks to replace our current oppressors with diverse versions of them (I.E. More queer BIPOC drone operators.) It also places cultural traditions above seeking the political power of the working class, and can lead to destructive reactionary tendencies. We define Revolutionary nationalism as understanding and acting against the intersectional oppression Latinx/Indigenous communities face, who are struggling for national autonomy/self-determination,  class solidarity with all oppressed peoples, and the returning of land to the Indigenous people's in the so called "United States."

National Oppression in the Latinx/indigenous community:

Imperialism (and, by extension, colonialism) create the conditions for the oppression of a whole nation. Visibly, in the United States this takes various forms: institutional racism via lower wages, less career options, limited or no access to necessities such as healthcare or housing, the prison/law enforcement system, etc.; assimilation and subsequently the erasure and replacement of latinx/indigenous national culture in the US, or the appropriation of latinx and indigenous culture by white america; the fetishization and commodification of latinx/indigenous women; the displacement of indigenous peoples from their land to make room for the occupation of settlers from the oppressor nation to exploit the land of its resources and to bolster the tourism industry; creating undiversified export-based economies in the oppressed nations with the collusion of the ruling class of the oppressed nation; and many other forms. Ultimately, imperialism’s purpose with Latinx/indigenous nations is increasing the profits of the ruling class of the United States and the ruling class of the Latinx/indigenous nations, just as it is with every other oppressed nation.



Under capitalism, women have been oppressed by both society and our men. The doctrine of machismo has been used by men to take out their frustrations on wives, sisters, mothers, and children. Men must fight along with sisters in the struggle for economic and social equality and must recognize that sisters make up over half of the revolutionary army: sisters and brothers are equals fighting for our people. FORWARD SISTERS IN THE STRUGGLE!" - Point 5 from the Young Lords Party Program

Patriarchal thinking has destroyed liberation movements the world over; it is a toxic cancer that eats away at the ideas, organizing, and hearts of our comrades. Machismo in the latinx community is counter to the liberation goals we aspire to. Compas of all genders (particularly men) must do the work to educate themselves about patriarchy, its relation to capitalism and private property, intersectional oppression, and practices to develop. We must fight against toxic masculinity, and teach our comrades about consent, supporting survivors, listening to and respecting all genders, and against treating organizations as dating pools. We must fight against the heteronormative (that being straight is somehow "correct") ideas, and educate those in our communities who are ignorant, and fight against those that seek harm to our trans and queer comrades. We must embrace accountability as the sign of respect our comrades give us in bettering ourselves, and thereby the revolution as a whole. The revolution we seek belongs to all genders, all sexualities, together united against imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchy.

What kind of work does Tres Aves do?

1. Political Education - To be effective in challenging national oppression, machismo/patriarchy, and imperialism at large, one must be politically developed. Our politics guide our actions, and we have to struggle and unite on the political front to engage in meaningful and effective action. Revolutionary political ideology should be in command at all times centered around our people. 

2. International Solidarity - The national liberation struggle of all oppressed Latinx/indigenous people is an international one. Our oppression doesn't start or end within the United States, it is an ongoing phenomenon all across the so-called "Americas" due to colonialism and imperialism. We seek the liberation of ALL oppressed peoples, and our practice must reflect this. Therefore, we have to assist the national liberation struggles and communist movements all across the "Americas" in any way we can.

3. Community Defense - Helping the Latinx and indigenous masses sustain their active involvement in the struggle for liberation. This is a strategy to build resiliency and bases (communities) of support.

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