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Protect Community Green Space & Stop Gentrification in North Portland!

Hello Friends and Allies! We are the Falcon Collective, a tenants union representing the residents of the Falcon Art Building in the Humboldt neighborhood of North Portland. The Falcon Art Building is a close-knit community comprised of BIPOC, queer, disabled, poor & elderly identities and is owned by Brian Wannamaker, renowned gentrifier of Mississippi Street; a multi-millionaire who has been displacing BIPOC folx in North Portland for decades. Mr. Wannamaker sold two plots of land behind our building on 5422 N. Mississippi Ave. Portland, OR 97217 (one of which contained our precious & beloved community garden) to Silicon Valley based real estate development company HOMMA, Inc. The proposed development (led by Robert Pile, Head of Real Estate Strategy for HOMMA, Inc.) is two, 14-unit (28 total) luxury condos which are not required to be ADA accessible or abide by Portland's Equal Housing Opportunity ordinance. This development is a continuation of the gentrification that has ravaged North Portland for decades. It will disproportionately displace BIPOC individuals and families who have been living here for generations, as well as the many poor and working class among us who are so vital to the rich fabric of our community. The Humboldt neighborhood already has little to no community green space and another development like this would further exacerbate environmental habitability issues in the following ways:

  • Raising temperatures in the area by at least 1 degree and contributing to the oft overlooked phenomenon of urban heat islands.

  • Bulldozing 100+ year old trees that provide shade and shelter for local wildlife.

  • Creating excessive noise and air pollution due to construction which poses significant health risks to humans and animals alike.

  • Contributing to congestion. This looks like less parking for current residents and decreases accessibility for our elderly and disabled neighbors.

Although the land has been sold, the fight is not over. We are working with neighborhood associations, local businesses, and residents to garner support. Your signature will help send the message to HOMMA, Inc. that we in Humboldt neighborhood reject gentrification, displacement, and climate injustice. WE DEMAND THIS DEVELOPMENT BE STOPPED AND THAT THE COMMUNITY DETERMINE THE BEST USE FOR THE LAND. We are volunteers working each day to save this land. If you have any questions, proposals for allyship or would like to help us in our mission to stop this development, please reach out! We are excited to meet you. We love you! We need you!

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In Solidary, Falcon Collective Tenants Union

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