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Points of Unity 

As a group we commit to struggle along these lines, and use these as guides both towards goals, practice, and who we build with internally and externally. 

  • Revolutionary intersectional feminist praxis: Commitment to challenging privilege in our daily lives and centering those voices most impacted. We believe and support survivors.  


  • Queer and Trans Liberation Struggles: Commitment to deconstructing and challenging heterosexist and cis privilege.


  • Anti-Capitalist: Oppression thrives under capitalism. Our world needs a more just economic system that allows for everyone’s basic needs to be met. To each according to their needs, from each according to their ability.

  • Diversity of Tactics: We support people's self determination to decide what tactics are necessary in their struggle. We don’t work with police. ACAB. 


  • Fighting White Supremacy:  Commitment to addressing, and deconstructing, internalized and structural white supremacy. We believe in centering the voices of Black and Indigenous people. Fighting white supremacy is all of our responsibilities.


  • Prison abolishment: commitment to a world and vision without the prison industrial complex. Burn the prisons.


  • No borders: Borders are artificial capitalist constructs that exist to control, divide, exploit and profit. No One Is Illegal. Burn the ICE. 


  • Anti-Colonialism: The United States is founded on white supremacist settler colonialism. We support decolonization centered on reparations and returning land and power. 


  • International Solidarity: Solidarity with left wing national liberation struggles, sovereignty movements, anti-colonialist movements and movements for self determination.  


  • Antifascist: We are committed antifascists. Fascism is more than just Proud Boys, the Alt Right and racists. Colonialism, white supremacy, power elites, and imperialism are some of the forms fascism can take.

  • We are a revolutionary organization. “Liberalism prioritizes optics over substance, hiding harmful intentions behind a veneer of politeness.”  Liberalism emphasizes performative, peaceful protests that inherently neutralize and co-opt movements, calling for unity amongst the violent power structures that are designed to oppress and kill. Liberalism focuses on reform in an effort to keep the status quo, emphasizing their faith in the oppressive, violent systems that others are focused on abolishing.  


  • Revolutionaries understand that violent, oppressive systems cannot be reformed. We recognize that calls for peaceful revolution amongst a violent ruling class only further oppresses those who are continuously harmed by the results of capitalism, colonialism, imperialism, and white supremacy. Revolutionaries denounce performative protests while emphasizing the vitality of dismantling and abolishing the current structures in place. 


  • For Communism. We seek to contribute to creating a communist society. We seek left unity with all communists who are anti-sectarian and anti-dogmatic.

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